Soilogic, Inc. is a Geotechnical Engineering and Consulting firm that specializes in Geotechnical Investigations, Construction Materials Testing, and Materials Engineering Services. Founded in 2005 by president Wolfram “Wolf” von Carlowitz, P.E., Soilogic’s goal is to provide exceptional engineering and testing services while upholding the highest quality customer service at economical rates. Wolf has over 20 years of land planning/development and geotechnical engineering experience, with extensive knowledge of various subgrade stabilization technologies and on-site wastewater treatment system design, permitting, and inspection.

The Soilogic Engineering Team has over 50 years of combined experience and is here to assist in making every project a success. With a commitment to integrity, Soilogic maintains open communication and manages each project from start to finish with a cooperative approach.

Soilogic recognizes that success is built from the ground up, which is why our thorough and thoughtful recommendations always bear safety, quality, and sustainability in mind.

Soilogic Inc. Professional Team

Wolf von Carlowitz PE – President

Darrel DiCarlo PE – Senior Project Engineer / Geotechnical Department Manager

Jason Horner PE – Project Engineer / CMT Department Manager

Alec Kaljian PE – Project Engineer / Laboratory Manager

Neil Brennan EIT – Project Engineer

Josh Schmidt – Septic Engineer

Kreis Rutledge – Senior Engineering Technician

Lance Kosakewich – Field Engineering Technician

Justin Grasseschi – Field Engineering Technician

Jacob Johnson – Field Engineer

Michael Rucker – Driller